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To support the Preparing Secondary Students for Work framework, a number of practical tools and resources have been developed to support schools and teachers in the provision of high quality vocational education and training (VET) and career education programs. Resources include:

  • a series of videos case studies showcasing good practice examples of schools supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students to successfully transition to post-school destinations
  • inspiring videos of Australian School-based Apprentices talking about their experiences
  • videos and case studies highlighting innovative examples of schools working in collaboration with employers, training and higher education providers in the provision of their VET programs
  • the career education and VET self-assessment tools to support schools to plan, implement and review programs.

Catholic Regional College Sydenham, VIC

See how Australia’s largest Catholic senior secondary school is pioneering a new education model. The campus features fully operational businesses that provide students with training in hospitality, beauty, music production, retail, signage, picture framing and more.

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Career Education terminology

Shared understanding of common career education terms can help in the development of a superior career education plan.

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Career education self-assessment tool

The tool assists schools to reflect on their career education programs and identify areas of success, and where there is room for improvement.

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Career Education - Why is successful engagement with parents important?

Helpful tips for successfully engaging parents and carers in your career education program.

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Career Education - Why is it important?

Career education plays a vital role in helping students make informed decisions about the study and training options that will set them up for their future career pathways.

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Career Education - Why are strong partnerships between schools and employers important?

As the traditional notion of 'career' continues to evolve, it's more important than ever for schools to work closely with local employers to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

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Career Education - Why is a whole school approach important?

Schools with a whole school approach put collaboration between senior leadership and the school community at the heart of their career education plans.

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Career Education - What do students want?

The needs of every student are different but one thing most young people agree on is that a comprehensive career curriculum is vital to helping them make informed career choices. 

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Career Education - What are the outcomes?

With technology and social changes transforming the labour market, schools have an increased responsibility to prepare students for the real world of employment.

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Caitlin Maher (Certificate III in Aged Care), VIC

Caitlin Maher recalls how she went from lacking direction in high school to completing a Certificate III in Aged Care that now sees her working in a career she loves.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Secondary Student Transitions Report (CIRCA)

A literature review of existing evidence and good practice delivery of VET and vocational learning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students.

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National Careers Institute

Future Ready is part of the work being done by the Australian Government's National Careers Institute.