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Preparing your child for a world yet to be imagined

Parents, carers, and families play a significant role in students’ career decisions, starting with advice about subject choices and educational pathways

It’s important for parents and carers to be aware of the value of career education. When parents and carers work with their child’s interests, the school, community, and local business networks, they can build essential skills to help prepare them for the future. 

The purpose of career education is to:

  • Build resilient individuals with the capacity to adapt to the changing nature of work.
  • Provide the skills to manage multiple careers in their lifetime.
  • Engage parents and carers early to help children better prepare for life beyond school.   

Transferable skills 

Talking to your children about how the skills they develop in and out of school might transfer to the workplace is a great place to start.

  • Ask your child’s school about tools and resources that may help you talk to your children about their passions, subject choices, and potential career paths. 
  • Access tools and resources to support conversations with your child about the skills needed in the post-school options available to them.   

Start the conversation early 

Start talking to your children about careers from a young age. 

  • Identify their passions and strengths to help support their future pathway choices. 
  • Use opportunities in your local area to explore career possibilities. 
  • Encourage them to lead the conversation about things that interest them and how they might follow those interests.  

Be informed and involved 

Parents and carers know their child best. 

  • Discuss your child’s interests with their school and explore possibilities available in your community. 
  • Understand and value your child’s progression and support them to achieve their career goals.

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