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Engaging with small, medium and large business employers is integral to career education success

Employers are well placed to advise on local, national, and global skills needs, and labour market demand. By engaging with schools to provide work based learning opportunities and career education, employers play their part in developing future workforce capabilities. 

Informed and involved

Future Ready supports tailored and high quality career education through:

  • Information and advice about labour market data, workforce requirements and trends.
  • Supporting schools to better engage better with employers. 
  • Improving accessibility to and promoting education pathways and job opportunities. 

Our goals are to support all students to build the skills they need to:

Develop transferable skills

Transferable skills are those which are helpful for success across many settings including career, social, and education. 

They include:

  • Communication skills 
  • Problem solving 
  • Teamwork 
  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • Effective listening 

Supporting diversity

Ensuring all students are reached and supported with access to career education is a core value of Future Ready. Create greater opportunities for career education for:

  • Rural, regional and remote students
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 
  • Students with disability
  • Cultural and linguistically diverse students
  • Priority cohorts 

Partnerships and community

Collaborate with schools, training providers and universities, parents and carers, and the local community to promote:

  • Improved career education through flexible content and delivery
  • Local opportunities
  • Greater student exposure to training and employment pathways
  • Career education experiences that are relevant and applicable to post-school life. 

Learn more about Future Ready, existing programs and career education through our helpful fact sheets, reports, videos, case studies, and useful links.

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