Every school student will have access to high quality career education

High quality career education builds resilient individuals who can adapt to the evolving nature of work and manage multiple careers in their lifetime, according to their circumstances and needs.

There is a need for greater consistency, enhanced awareness, and improved engagement in this area. Future Ready complements the Australian Curriculum’s eight learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. It builds on previous frameworks and the National Career Development Strategy.

A national group made up of voices from education, business and industry, parents and carers, career practitioners and youth, supported the development of Future Ready. The group identified three areas where leadership could better support students to make informed study choices and navigate future careers:

  • Building skills and capabilities that will prepare them for life beyond school.
  • Strengthening collaboration between schools, employers and local communities to improve student engagement with work environments, and support successful transition to further education, training and work.
  • Career management and navigation skills needed to make informed decisions throughout their working lives.

National Careers Institute

Future Ready is part of the work being done by the Australian Government's National Careers Institute.

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