We all have a role in ensuring students are ready for the future of work. Governments, parents and carers, school leaders and teachers, employers, career practitioners, and the youth sector can all contribute. 

Career education is most effective when it is student-centred, and tailored to individual needs, interests, and circumstances. By working together, we can ensure:

  • Students have the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate post-school education and work options. 
  • Students are receiving the most up to date information about study and work opportunities.
  • The creation of local opportunities.
  • Governments adapt to improve career education, as the world continues to change.

This website provides recommendations and resources for:

Schools and Government 

Parents and Carers 

Employers and Community

  1. Governments, school systems, school leaders and teachers, and career practitioners

  2. Employers and community

  3. Parents and carers, and youth sector

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