Ready for a world yet to be imagined

Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy

Future Ready was developed in collaboration with a national group that brought together the voices of education, business and industry, parents and carers, career practitioners and youth.

The vision of Future Ready is that every student in every school has access to high‑quality career education to help them make a successful transition from school to further education, training, work or a combination of these.

Make sure students are future-ready

Students will need transferable skills to thrive in technology-rich, globalised, job markets.

We need to work together to help them make informed decisions about study, and training and career options so they can enjoy the benefits of active participation in society and the economy.

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A shared responsibility

Everyone has a role to play in getting young people ready for the future of work. This website provides recommendations and resources for:

Preparing secondary students for work

Front cover of the Preparing Secondary Students for Work document

The Preparing Secondary Students for Work framework is a guide for schools that helps make sense of the complexities of how vocational education and training (VET) is delivered to secondary students.

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National Careers Institute

Future Ready is part of the work being done by the Australian Government's National Careers Institute.